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Innovo Incontinence Shorts: Do They Work?

Needing to Pee

Innovo Incontinence Shorts: Do They Work?

Everyone knows how debilitating and embarrassing little (or big) leaks are, especially if you are an active person who loves to be out and about exploring. For sports, for work, for social get-togethers, it is very uncomfortable if you are constantly aware of your bladder and the potential for leaks.

This is a problem which many people suffer from in their lives for a whole range of reasons, but it’s one that can sap your confidence and your desire to get out and do fun things. For some people, even a sneeze or a cough can spell disaster.

Unfortunately, a lot of incontinence products don’t really offer much by way of solution and are far from ideal. Pads can slip and are often uncomfortable or noisy, and pants are even worse. If you use disposables, there is also the environmental factor and the ongoing cost to consider.

Innovo Shorts seek to bring an entirely new solution to these problems. Instead of just handling the outcome, they aim to help with the root of the issue, giving you your confidence and control back. Continue reading “Innovo Incontinence Shorts: Do They Work?”

Fashion For Women Over 60s: Adding & Building From Existing Pieces

Fashion Trends for Women over 60s

Now that you’re here, we’re assuming you’ve already read up our article on “Essential pieces of clothing every woman in her 60s needs”, because we’re going to help you spice up that basic wardrobe with some new pieces and trends. If you haven’t, we recommend you go check that one out first. “Essential pieces of clothing every woman needs”

Adding & Building  new outfits From Existing pieces  

Continue reading “Fashion For Women Over 60s: Adding & Building From Existing Pieces”

Essential Pieces Of Clothing Every Woman In Her 60s Needs

Disorganised mess

What Essential Pieces of Clothing every Woman in Her 60s  needs 

Going over 60 doesn’t mean losing your fashion sense and the need to look trendy. Women in their  60s can still make a statement with their clothing, with the right choices. So, don’t pay heed to anyone who thinks you’re past the age of obsessing over fashion choices. Fashion is timeless, and there’s a  vogue for every age. 


It’s true that one can’t wear everything in their 60s; age-appropriate dressing is the key to look fabulous. Because, believe it or not, trying to dress up in clothes which are more suited to younger people, will not make you look younger at all. It will draw attention because it may well be age-inappropriate and gaudy as opposed to looking effortlessly glamorous  Continue reading “Essential Pieces Of Clothing Every Woman In Her 60s Needs”

How To Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage

Protecting your hair in the Sun

Let me show you some great ways to protect your hair from sun damage, especially older hair  which tends to be more vulnerable to drying out. Here are some great home-made remedies  as well as store-bought options to get your hair looking young and vibrant this summer.

Most of us, (more mature women) will already know that as we age our hair tends to dry out and start looking  wiry. The sun can make this a whole lot worse so how can we protect our maturing manes from the  harsh rays of the sun? Below are some fabulous ways of keeping the shine and condition of your hair  in great shape whilst in the sun. Some of them you can even rustle up from common pantry items, or  you can opt for a ready-made product. Whichever you choose, you can rock your locks like you did  back in the day!

Continue reading “How To Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage”

10 Tricks To Making Your Hair Appear Younger

Older Woman, well cut hair

As you age, especially post menopause, your hair can start to thin, turn to gray and look dry and frizzy. There are some things you can do to stop the aging process together with tricks to make your hair appear younger.

  1. Scalp Treatment
  2. Good shorter cut
  3. Salon Hair Treatment
  4. Regular Monthly Hair Mask
  5. Washing with good quality shampoo and conditioner
  6. Don’t over-wash, over-brush or over-heat
  7. Protect against the sun (and chlorine)
  8. Spray on Spritz and boost the shine
  9. Instant root cover for in-between salon visits
  10. Styling Products

Continue reading “10 Tricks To Making Your Hair Appear Younger”

How To Tame Curly Hair – 4 Tips


As a woman in her early 60s I have never known anything other than curly hair, I actually like my unruly mess of hair, not when frizzy, curly hair can be quite forgiving and doesn’t really require the hours of love and attention that fine straight hair demands; however don’t be fooled Curly Hair most certainly does require love and care. Many women do not like their curly hair, and struggle to see the benefit.


After many years of trial and error, expensive products, hairdressers and treatments, I think I have arrived at a “hair happy” stage in my life and think you might too. It requires first taming them maintaining, this will include obviously moisturising, specialist products and regular treatments with a view to saying goodbye to The Frizz, or at the very least restore it from frizz to curl. 

In addition, you will need to learn to love your curls which will bring you a step closer.  Continue reading “How To Tame Curly Hair – 4 Tips”


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