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What’s The Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

As I write this post we are still in Lockdown and going to the Gym is not an option. I have also found over the last few years that exercise which was once easy is now very difficult and even painful. To avoid becoming a chunk during lockdown or as I age and to keep morale and mindset on the upside, I looked at what options might be available and what is advised to keep body and soul together.

I looked first at what is the Best Home Exercise Equipment and also what exercise I should and shouldn’t  be doing Continue reading “What’s The Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors”

Signs Of Empty Nest Syndrome – How to Cope

Empty Nest

Signs Of Empty Nest Syndrome & Ways to Cope

For most parents their life completely revolves around their children. After all they bring them into this world, take care of their tiny fragile bodies, and look after them in every possible way. They provide a safety net to their children, offering them continuous love and support throughout their life. Plus this behaviour comes biologically hard wired to most parents. However, life goes on, and as children grow, mature, and become independent- they often move away. Parenting

Parents know they have to let their children go out to fulfill their dreams and follow their plans. But sometimes, they get filled with a grief that almost takes over them. It is characterized by loneliness, sadness, and sometimes even depression. This condition mostly impacts women and is called Empty Nest Syndrome and there are ways to deal with it once identified. Continue reading “Signs Of Empty Nest Syndrome – How to Cope”

Best Mascara For Older Women – 6 Of The Best

Woman, mascara


  1. Easiest to Apply & resistant to smudging – Clinique High Impact
  2. Best for Glamour, giving length and curl – Benefit Roller Lash
  3. Best for Women who wear Eye Glasses  – Pür Mineral Megawatt
  4. Best for creating the illusion of thick & healthy eyelashes – Estée Lauder Bold Lifting
  5. Best Waterproof Mascara – Diego Dalla Palma
  6. Best Value Mascara – Rimmel & Maybelline


Have you found that as you have aged your usual mascara does not  give you the look intended. Have you also noticed that your lashes instead of looking healthy and lush, now tend to dryness, look shorter and stray lashes often found on your cheek. Continue reading “Best Mascara For Older Women – 6 Of The Best”

What To Eat After 60 – Foods That Help You Live Longer

listen to your body


Listen to what your body is saying

We are often more sedentary in our later years, and because of this slowing down, we need fewer calories and easier to digest foods. In fact, a lot of people naturally start to lose their appetite for things like red meat, which is the most difficult of all foods to digest.  This is a clear case of your body telling you what it does/doesn’t need and you should listen to it. Continue reading “What To Eat After 60 – Foods That Help You Live Longer”

Body Changes For Women Over 50 – Women Ask What’s Happening?

50 and Gorgeous

For most women, especially post 50, you may well notice significant changes to your body your mood and personality. You may have noticed your sleeping patterns have changed, some loss of libido, hair and nails not great, moody and sometimes tearful or angry, you may also suffer general aches and pains, and will be asking what’s happening to my body? In this article, we will look at how Menopause is largely responsible and what can be done to limit the effect

Although it was a long time ago, I recollect asking my mother the same question, “what’s happening to my body?” this was when I was 14 years of age. Hormones were responsible then and partially are responsible now.

Unlike our teens, we can take back some of the control, especially around our health and how we mentally approach the ageing process.

Medical Disclaimer: This post is for information only. Should you have any concerns please speak to your Doctor, Physician or specialist for the area of concern


1. What Happens to A Woman’s Body after 50

2. Surprising Way The Body Changes Over 50

3. What to Expect From Your body in 50s and 60s

4. Aches & Pains – What’s Normal and what is not

5. Healthy Ageing Beyond 50

Continue reading “Body Changes For Women Over 50 – Women Ask What’s Happening?”

Body Image Issues For Women – Over 50

Confident Woman

The very reason I started this website is because I began to feel invisible. I had real body image issues that were taking over my every day.

Ageing process for many is Just like the “Superhero Cloak” with reverse side effects and can start the slow and unrepentant feeling of low self-esteem, where you may increasingly look at yourself both critically and negatively. I have looked at several ways to address how you, a 50 year plus woman can address the body and possibly resulting image issues. 


  1.   Turn down the voices inside your head. 
  2.  Understanding the importance of a good diet. 
  3.  Get dressed every day 
  4.  Surrounding yourself with positive people 
  5. Continue to be curious. 
  6.  Power of Mindset 
  7.  “Comfort Zones” 
  8.  Don’t Stop Learning New Things
  9.  Have the courageous conversation 

Continue reading “Body Image Issues For Women – Over 50”


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