Best Mascara For Older Women – 6 Of The Best

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  1. Easiest to Apply & resistant to smudging – Clinique High Impact
  2. Best for Glamour, giving length and curl – Benefit Roller Lash
  3. Best for Women who wear Eye Glasses  – Pür Mineral Megawatt
  4. Best for creating the illusion of thick & healthy eyelashes – Estée Lauder Bold Lifting
  5. Best Waterproof Mascara – Diego Dalla Palma
  6. Best Value Mascara – Rimmel & Maybelline


Have you found that as you have aged your usual mascara does not  give you the look intended. Have you also noticed that your lashes instead of looking healthy and lush, now tend to dryness, look shorter and stray lashes often found on your cheek.

Sadly this and several others not so pleasant observations are what happens as we move into 50s and 60s, (or more specifically, post menopause) Your choice of mascara which was suitable whilst your were in your 20s or 30s, is no longer a suitable match.

The beauty market is not slow to catch on and there are some excellent products which are ideally suited to the older woman.

Whilst I could have simply added a list of the ” Top 5 Mascaras” this may not answer your query for example you wear eye glasses, and don’t require the long lash effect,  or you swim and don’t want to look like a panda.

Check out the list together with the product detail and company web pages.

NB I have added Amazon affiliate links on this page and when you click on the link it will take you to the product.

I have also added the companies own Website which will also allow you to click directly to the product, I do not receive any benefit for recommending, they are genuine product reviews of the best Mascaras in their class.


1/ Clinique High Impact Mascara – I loved how easy this was to apply. You can create a very special look within minutes of application. This is also a good mascara to use during the day. One of the other benefits of this mascara is how it stays in place for hours at a time without the tell tale panda eye smudge look.

Overall I am very impressed with this Mascara. Despite this not being sold as “Waterproof” I have noted a few negative  comments about the product, which say it is very difficult (end of the day)

This is the down side to smudge resistant. You have the perfect eye from Day to Night without the Panda effect so you need a more robust mascara and eye make up remover.

There is a very easy solution to this little problem and that is to use “eye make up remover” specifically aimed at Waterproof mascaras. I recommend a product by Diego Dalla Palma, with the unusual title of Biaspheric Remover.

Click on the link to read and purchase the Deigo Dalla Palma Mascara remover

If you are from the UK you will find Diego Dalla Palma is also sold in in Marks and Spencer.

I have attached Clinique’s own Web Address below at the foot of this post where you can read additional detail together with being able to purchase. As an alternative you can find the product on Amazon, I have added the link, it is an affiliate link so I will receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.


2/ Benefit Roller Lash – This is my favourite Mascara for creating the luxe glamorous effect. Benefit products are often packaged in a young and trendy fashion giving the purchaser a “feel good” experience. Whilst the packaging looks like its aimed at the younger market (the 20 and 30 something) it is not the case. Benefit products can be worn at any age and it hits every age with an undeniably good and quality product. It lives up to its marketing in that it says it “curls and extends” It has a bit of the wow factor once your eyelashes are dressed for the evening

There is very little down side to this Mascara, the only reason it is not my “go to” mascara is quite straightforwardly my lashes  (once Mascara had been applied) are too long they kept batting my eye glasses.


3/ PÜR MINERAL MEGAWATT – Best Mascara for women who wear glasses. This is my overall favourite and “go to” mascara, it stays in place, doesn’t smudge and is easy to take off at night. For those who have sensitive skin, or whose eyes are easily irritated then look no further. This is an exceptional Mascara and I feel once you have tried you too will look no further.

However it is not intended to replicate the “Spider Fake Eyelash” look. But if its a good Mascara that can be applied first thing in the morning for work and reapplied for a night out then this is the one for you. Regular readers know that I am a fan of the Pür Mineral cosmetics. This, like the 4-1 face powder, is one of just four products I would not be without.

It represents exceptional value, seems to last for a long time, the tube never seems to get clogged and looks good when I wear my glasses.


4/ Estée Lauder Sumptuous Bold – Best for thinning or sparse eyelashes. As a woman who wears eye glasses, who also has sparse but reasonable length lashes, I have, over time, looked at many and various brands and types of Mascaras.

What lifts (excuse the pun) this above the others is the lustrous and easy application that this Mascara offers. Eyelashes can often be sparse as we age and it is not uncommon for me (or women my age)  to find a rogue lash on my cheek.

Creating a Full Eyelash look without being over the top or without extending your full lashes to such an extent they end up batting your glasses is no small ask. This mascara is in a class all of its own and I can thoroughly recommend it as my favourite mascara when I am wearing my glasses.

Not the cheapest  product on the market, however it makes such a difference to the overall look of your eyes that this alone has elevated it to my top choice and why it is in the top five and I have given it a  5* rating.


5/ Diego Dalla Palma – Best Waterproof and Semi Permanent Mascara.

As a Brand this may maybe the first time you have heard of Diego Dalla Palma, however this Italian make up and skin care is both widely respected and frequently used in its native country. Introduced to the UK high street 8-10 years  ago and now very popular, with continuous growth and huge loyal following.


“Diego dalla Palma Milano is a historic Italian brand known for its expertise in makeupskincare and hair care. Its long experience allowed the iconic brand to create an all-round beauty world renowned for the high professionalism and performance of its products.

Diego Dalla Palma Milano offers a wide range of beauty products, designed and tested in the laboratory for highlevel performance. The skincare line features different types of products, suitable for all skin types, from the youngest to the most mature; the hair care range is designed to treat of all types of hair, curly, straight, short, long, dry or oily; the makeup products fully reflect the company’s philosophy: to enhance the beauty of every woman, give each of them the opportunity to express themselves through different makeup looks characterised by professional performance that anyone can afford.”

I have added “Semi Permanent” Mascara to the list, what does Semi Permanent mean? It actually means it tints your lashes and will last some considerable time (we are talking days) Whist it doesn’t give the spidery look it does give your lashes a beautiful tint.

The Waterproof  Sub Aqueo mascara is in a class all of its own. To remove the mascara, DDP has created its own specialist removal product (Biphasic Remover).  Once you have used this to remove your eye make up and or mascara you will realise what a gem of a product it is.

The waterproof mascara is hardy enough to be worn whilst swimming. It is easy to apply and is virtually smudge proof. Does not take too long to dry and does not require anything more than one coat to provide a good even coverage.

This product gets my 5* rating and I thoroughly recommend.


6/ Maybelline Sky High Lash Sensational – Best Value, Best Volume, Best all rounder

Whats not to like about the Mabybelline Lash Sensational, it is exceptional value, waterproof, stunning long eyelash effect and comes in various shades. This is one of the most purchased Mascaras in the US and will be found in many “make up” bags around the world. It is easy to see why Maybelline is so popular. The packaging is “no nonsense” the wand is easy to use and has a “build up” one side of the wand and the other side can be used for the lower lashes and can be utilised to ensure minimum waste.

If you are looking for Good Value but don’t want to compromise on quality then this is the one for you. It is a 5* product and yet can be purchased for a mere fraction of some of its main competitors.

This product can be found in most Drug Stores, both in the UK and the US up and down the high street, however if you wish to purchased online then here is the Amazon Link



So there you have it. The 6 Best In Their Class Mascaras. Whatever your requirement, budget or skin condition then this will hopefully give you the answer.

As I mentioned previously Amazon Links are an affiliate link and I will receive a small (teeny tiny) commission in the event you purchase from the link. That said I have also enclosed the Products own Web Address (see the right hand side bar) this will allow you to access the product without going via Amazon.

I really hope this has been useful, please let me know your thoughts or if you think I should have included another.

What is your favourite Mascara and why?


See you soon



Founder of Hey Spring Chicken.

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