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Hi everyone and welcome to my website,  called “Hey Spring Chicken” named because I thought it was a bit ironic and a little amusing, simply put I  want every woman to feel young of mind, (no matter her age) to look as good as she can, to also be as healthy as her body will allow and most importantly loving and living your best life. I believe It’s not just about looking “good for your age” but more about your lifestyle, this includes liking yourself, (difficult for many, myself included) finding contentment and not continually and forever striving for more, looking for the next shiny new object.

Throughout my life I have noticed that some women look and sound remarkable, they will inspire and appear to get better as they age. Whilst others seem to be old even when they are not.

Girl Going outMY STORY

I was born and live in the UK (South of England near the sea) When I was young and throughout my life I have always had a love of the Arts (dance) beauty/products, fashion and Travel; from a young age these were my passions, I learnt how to cover and shroud what I considered to be my imperfections and shine a light on my good points.

At only 5 feet tall and born with only one working eye I knew my career as a Ballet dancer or as a dancer in musical theatre was not promising, but it didn’t stop me trying.

These days being so tiny does not matter but then I felt it did, never the less makeup and clothes changed how I felt and how I looked.

I had two huge inspirations throughout my life my grandmother who lived until she was 97 (looked about 67) and my Mother now 87 and yet could easily pass for 70. As a mother she would continually strive and push me to achieve the best I could, she would say nothing is too distant or too out of reach, moreover she wanted me to be independent and a free spirit. She is a tenacious and wily old devil who keeps everyone on their toes.

Today I am 62 and am fortunate to look a little younger (so I’m told…)

Despite “having good genes” I have worked hard at taking care of myself. Possibly as a result I am often asked about the products I use on my skin, what I do for a living, curious about my shopping habits and even more curious about my hair, which is curly (or a bit unruly).


Hasn’t Always Been Like That

My youth took me to some very free-spirited ways of living, I enjoyed my life but it came at a cost, I was often discontented and restless. It took many years of soul-searching before I realised there was no “jam tomorrow” there wasn’t going to be a better day, in fact this was as good as it gets and this life of mine with all of its wealth was not making me happy.

I started all over again, single mother at age 42,  minus the big house and all the other financial add-ons. It still took a further 8 years, (my 51st birthday in fact), before I realised that if I wanted to change anything then I had to change me, to stop doing the same things because each day I hoped for a better outcome but it was always the same. So one day I took stock and made some big changes, and some small ones….. like I changed my sleeping habits and slept more, I drank water, lots of it and gave up drinking alcohol.


So Now I would Like To Give Back

Helping people, daily gratitude, meditating and going to sleep at night with a clear conscience, taking time for loved ones are key to change. From a spiritual perspective that is great but I would also like to share my love of beauty and fashion with you, I have been so fortunate to have had many good teachers in my life and this website will allow me to share and hopefully help others, I have no doubt I can learn from you so hopefully it’s a win win.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

If you liked what you read so far, you may also like “Body Images For Women Over 50” all about that invisible cloak we sometimes feel we are wearing and how to discard.

All the best,


Founder of Hey Spring Chicken

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