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Product One – Recommended – Pür Minerals 4-1 Powder

Pür Minerals 4-1 Face Powder. I have found nothing (no matter the cost) which comes close to offering the blemish-free complexion which this powder achieves. As a beautician we would have access to many different creams, foundations and concealers, Pür Minerals 4-1 was mine and (my colleagues) choice of powder and our Go-To product every single day. Not only does it offer exceptional concealer without drying the skin but it is also achieved in less than 2 minutes, it lasted all day and was easy to create the blank canvas when “making over” clients.

Featured as one of my “can’t live without” items and I am writing a post about this very subject. If I was marooned on a desert island and could only take 3 products, this would be one of them.

Why I Like It: The very best all-round product I have ever found. I wrote this post largely to feature this product. You apply with a stiff haired brush (called a chisel Brush) and do not need any particular skill or watching of YouTube Videos on how to apply. It is easy and I have found time and time again this to be one of the easiest and most comprehensive products.

Comes in many shades: Another positive about this powder is it comes in 11 colours. I use “Golden Medium” in the summer and “Blush” in the winter.

Has an SPF 15

How Long Will It Stay In Place: In my experience, it can last on your face for some considerable time without “touch up”. However, if you add a few simple steps at the outset and finish with a setting spray it will increase the “stay in place” time. If you are intending to go out for the evening straight from work then adding a couple of additional steps will ensure beautiful complexions day and night. To do this simply add your favourite liquid primer on a makeup-free face, then add illuminating concealer, (like Touche Eclat) followed by 4-1 foundation powder and finally complete with a little spritz of make-up setting spray. However, this 4-1 powder is advertised and works with none of these additional steps being necessary and is why it is my number one choice of foundation powders without the faff.

Best UK Price is currently featured on the “Feel Unique” website. click the highlighted blue to take you to the Feel Unique website, (if purchased it does include affiliate links)

Cost can vary from £21.00 to £29.00 (the latter is from Pur Minerals own website)


Best US Price is currently $29 and can be found on the Pür Mineral Website. Click here for further product information



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