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In this post I have written about the Best Exercise Equipment for Mature Adults, in particular those who are (like me) over 60. Click on the link to read in full


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Within the written post, I suggested should you wish to purchase any of the items then click on the resource page for further information. (this is the said resource page) I will over the next week or so provide “Product Reviews” for Exercise Bike and the traditional two wheel variety.

Yoga Mat. Providing much-needed cushioning and traction as you exercise.

Best Seller and in a really beautiful shade is, Amazon Yoga Mat by Nifinity.


Stationary Exercise Bike. Has many benefits, can boost your Cardio Fitness, build muscle strength, help with weight loss,

whilst limiting the impact on your joints. Unlike the mobile kind this bike can be used when outdoors weather is inclement. I will add a product review of this over the next few weeks

Bicycle (Mobile kind) Benefits both physical and mental Health, Cardio Fitness, muscle strength, core strength (helps with balance) & flexibility. Getting outside will benefit mental health, which in turn helps the mind the body and soul plus a good Dose of Vitamin D. I will add a product review to this over the next few week

Exercise Ball. Help with balance and core strength without putting any additional stress or pressure joints or bones. Good fun. Check out this video by clicking on the link.

Keeping it Turquoise is the best selling “Stability Ball”

Resistance Band. Good for core strength, balance, flexibility & helps fight bone loss and symptoms of arthritic pain. How does this work? Resistance training enhances muscular strength. During the exercise muscles are forced to move against tension provided by your own body weight.

I have found a selection of 5 (different levels of resistance) which offers exceptional value and come in a neat little carry case. This selection of  five get great reviews.

As previously mentioned both the stationary and outdoor bikes will have product review over the
 next few weeks.

Happy exercising

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