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Starting A New Career At 60 – Is It Too Old?

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Due to the recent Covid Pandemic and the lockdown, the majority of employees were forced to reduce working hours with a large percentage working from home. During this time we found new ways to live and many (myself included) saved quite a bit of money. A very pleasing side effect of lockdown. As a result, people are reevaluating current lifestyles and expenditures, looking at ways to reduce our travel time, working hours, or possibly retiring and giving up the 9-5. Continue reading “Starting A New Career At 60 – Is It Too Old?”

Why Am I Always So Cold – Elderly Support

My Mother recently said to me “Why Am I Always So cold”, it was a warm day in the month of July (our summer) she is 87 and often suffers with both Hot and Cold extremes. This got me thinking there has to be a medical scientific reason to this reaction and if she like a lot of very elderly people respond in this way then I wanted to research the answer Continue reading “Why Am I Always So Cold – Elderly Support”

How To Retire Without Savings

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More people are reaching retirement age without savings. What can you do to ensure your retirement is not a sad and sorry end to your life and one you can look forward to and enjoy.

Is it possible to Retire Without Savings?   I have recently been speaking to two good friends who are facing this very dilemma. Surprisingly if you are prepared to make a few changes to your lifestyle and living habits, then it is indeed possible. Some of the ideas include:- Continue reading “How To Retire Without Savings”

Hobbies For Older Women – Enjoying Life

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Even though you are in your 50s, 60s 70s or even 80s you still want to enjoy life and possibly even return to a hobby you had when younger. You maybe newly retired or have a mobility restriction, what ever reason you have for reading this post it is likely you are looking for ideas to keep yourself busy. Myself included, so I did some research.

Continue reading “Hobbies For Older Women – Enjoying Life”

How To Live Your Best Life Over 50 – No Regrets

This post will hopefully help you identify how you can move into and enjoy your new mature life.

Live your best life no matter your age! How can you live your best life over the age of 50? more importantly can it be done without regrets, is that possible?

Short answer is definitely yes. Granted it requires some positive self affirmations and a shift in mindset together with some self-analysis. This may require small (or big, depends on perception) changes in your life. Continue reading “How To Live Your Best Life Over 50 – No Regrets”

How To Date In Your 50s – What’s The Etiquette

Couple in Love

You are probably reading this post because you are “starting over” you may well be out of practice with 21st century style of dating, in particular “online” and you may be a bit fearful.

Dating in your 50s 60s or 70s comes with a different mindset. Let me help you with some Do’s & Don’ts
Continue reading “How To Date In Your 50s – What’s The Etiquette”


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