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Life After Menopause – 10 Great Indicators

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Life After the Menopause

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Life After the Menopause

From the moment menopause begins, most women wish for it to end- who wouldn’t be dying to get rid of years of uncomfortable symptoms? But, do you know what life after the menopause actually looks like?


Once menopause halts, your hormone levels will stay consistently low. Your menstrual cycles will end completely, and you will no longer be fertile, meaning you can no longer become pregnant.


Post-menopause just sounds like the end of menstrual and menopausal symptoms, but it isn’t exactly that simple. In this article, I’ll be giving you an exhaustive explanation of what symptoms accompany post-menopause, how to stay healthy following menopause, and what to look forward to during this exciting period of your life.

Listed below are the contents of this article, should you wish to skim straight to the area of interest. Continue reading “Life After Menopause – 10 Great Indicators”

How To Find A Job When You Are Over 50 – Tips & Strategies

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Is this your first foray into finding employment in your 50s or are you a seasoned pro who knows her way around recruitment? Maybe you are thinking you don’t stand a chance against the younger more hungry candidates, or maybe you feel companies have evolved with considerable and complicated “high tech” equipment and you have a very “low tech” brain. Whatever the reason you are reading this post because you want answers to the question “How to find a job when you are over 50”

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Continue reading “How To Find A Job When You Are Over 50 – Tips & Strategies”

How To Cope With Chronic Back Pain – 13 Good Tips

If you are reading this, chances are you are struggling with some form of back pain. Sometimes a debilitating and depressive condition which often arrives without warning and sometimes (it seems) without reason.

This post will hopefully give you some advice, support and tips which will ultimately help you cope with Chronic Back Pain, muscle spasms, and or general poor back health. There are many excellent sources of support and I have listed many in this article. Continue reading “How To Cope With Chronic Back Pain – 13 Good Tips”

Best Face Powder For Mature Skin – Application Minus The Faff

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Best Face Powder For Mature Skin. Easy & Quick To Apply

As the title suggests this review is going to be aimed at the very best Face Powders on the market, in particular, aimed at mature women who do not have the time or the inclination to spend hours or lots of faff messing about with different creams and powders.

I have tried many powders over the years, I have also worked in the Beauty Industry for many of those. During which time I was able to study, research and trial some of the best products on the market. One of the most popular during my time in beauty was the product that gave the best coverage, the longest-lasting together with ease of application. Continue reading “Best Face Powder For Mature Skin – Application Minus The Faff”

Moving An Elderly Parent Into Your Home – 10 Tips

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As one or both of your parent’s age, they may start to find issues with independent living. To help them continue living the best way possible way a level of support is often necessary. If you have decided that living and moving in with you is optimum then a big change for all is inevitable. Here are 10 tips that may help make the journey ahead enjoyable and less stressful Continue reading “Moving An Elderly Parent Into Your Home – 10 Tips”

How To Take Care of Elderly Parents – Role Reversal

Have you recently taken on the responsibility of caring for an elderly parent? If so you might be struggling to define your role in your parents life and to determine how best to care for your parent. This article provides advice for those who have found themselves parenting a parent. Continue reading “How To Take Care of Elderly Parents – Role Reversal”


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