Best Face Powder For Mature Skin – Application Minus The Faff

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Best Face Powder For Mature Skin. Easy & Quick To Apply

As the title suggests this review is going to be aimed at the very best Face Powders on the market, in particular, aimed at mature women who do not have the time or the inclination to spend hours or lots of faff messing about with different creams and powders.

I have tried many powders over the years, I have also worked in the Beauty Industry for many of those. During which time I was able to study, research and trial some of the best products on the market. One of the most popular during my time in beauty was the product that gave the best coverage, the longest-lasting together with ease of application.

Benefits Of A Powder Vs BB or CC Foundation Cream

The powder is quick to apply and will offer a natural-looking finish. If, applied well it will give a long-lasting cover. You can extend the duration of cover by applying a liquid primer and concealer under the eyes, around the nose, mouth and forehead.

BB & CC creams have long been the miracle cover for those of us with blemishes and dark shadows. They give the illusion of being well-rested and blemish-free. They may as a result not offer the “natural look” you are aspiring to.

You can minimize the look by mixing the two, first with a concealer cream or illuminating pen followed by a liquid foundation and or mineral powder.

How to Use

You apply your powder with a brush, not a sponge. The brush is usually a silky but fairly rigid haired brush. Like a Chisel or short-handled “powder brush” Pür and Laura Mercier recommend their own but it is not necessary.



Why I chose these four products to review: Quite simply they are without a doubt the very best. I have used all of them at different times and for different occasions. Each has its own Unique Selling Point and each offers something to you the wearer that very few others do.

I have not listed in any particular order, that being said Pür 4-1 does get my all-round vote of confidence as it is the best all-rounder on the market, great value, long-lasting and is kind to your skin and the environment

Product One – Recommended – Pür Minerals 4-1 Powder

Pür Minerals 4-1 Face Powder. I have found nothing (no matter the cost) which comes close to offering the blemish-free complexion which this powder achieves. As a beautician we would have access to many different creams, foundations and concealers, Pür Minerals 4-1 was mine and (my colleagues) choice of powder and our Go-To product every single day. Not only does it offer exceptional concealer without drying the skin but it is also achieved in less than 2 minutes, it lasted all day and was easy to create the blank canvas when “making over” clients.

Featured as one of my “can’t live without” items and I am writing a post about this very subject. If I was marooned on a desert island and could only take 3 products, this would be one of them.

Why I Like It: The very best all-round product I have ever found. I wrote this post largely to feature this product. You apply with a stiff haired brush (called a chisel Brush) and do not need any particular skill or watching of YouTube Videos on how to apply. It is easy and I have found time and time again this to be one of the easiest and most comprehensive products.

Comes in many shades: Another positive about this powder is it comes in 11 colours. I use “Golden Medium” in the summer and “Blush” in the winter.

Has an SPF 15

How Long Will It Stay In Place: In my experience, it can last on your face for some considerable time without “touch up”. However, if you add a few simple steps at the outset and finish with a setting spray it will increase the “stay in place” time. If you are intending to go out for the evening straight from work then adding a couple of additional steps will ensure beautiful complexions day and night. To do this simply add your favourite liquid primer on a makeup-free face, then add illuminating concealer, (like Touche Eclat) followed by 4-1 foundation powder and finally complete with a little spritz of make-up setting spray. However, this 4-1 powder is advertised and works with none of these additional steps being necessary and is why it is my number one choice of foundation powders without the faff.

Best UK Price is currently featured on the “Feel Unique” website. click the highlighted blue to take you to the Feel Unique website, (if purchased it does include affiliate links)

Cost can vary from £21.00 to £29.00 (the latter is from Pur Minerals own website)


Best US Price is currently $29 and can be found on the Pür Mineral Website. Click here for further product information


Pür Mineral 4-1 Golden Medium.                                                                                      Pür Mineral 4-1 Golden Medium



Product Two – Charlotte Tilbury – Flawless Finish

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish. It advertises itself “for effortlessly flawless skin in a silk-cashmere touch” I can confirm this to be the case. It is easy to apply skin feels silky soft and shows no indication of caking or dusting. In addition, although in the first instance it appears to be a Matt powder it does, never the less have an illuminating finish. When in front of the lens and under the spotlight, model skin requires constant re-touching to prevent skin shining in the wrong areas. Traditional powders can look heavy and dull the skin, so Charlotte created Airbrush Flawless Finish, with breathable, micro-fine powder technology giving an immaculate complexion that acts like the most luxe, micro-fine cashmere veil on top of the skin for a bright, illuminating finish. No caking, dusting or

Why I like it. Two reasons why I like Charlotte Tilbury Flawless finish, 1st because this responds well under light, if you are taking selfies for your social media platform this will not disappoint, it reflects well and gives a really professional finish. 2nd reason why I like this product is quite simply the case it comes in. A beautiful travel compact that fits well in your purse or handbag, equally it looks great on your Vanity Unity. More costly than the others I have reviewed but this is giving you more than just a face cover.

How Long Will it Stay in Place I found this lasted for a little over 4 hours before it needed a “touch up”. However, it is easy to apply and comes in a lovely carry case so is not a hardship.

Comes in 4 Shades I am neither fair nor dark-skinned and find the “Medium 2” shade suits me the best. It gives a lovely luminescent glow.

Best UK Price is currently on the “Feel Unique” website £35.50

Best US Price Currently on Charlotte Tilbury own website. $45

Click here for a demonstration and how to apply

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Medium 2

Charlotte Tilbury – Flawless Finish – Shade Medium 2

Product Three – Clinique – Blended Face Powder

Clinique Blended Face Powder. Achieve complexion perfection with Clinique’s Blended Face Powder and Brush, a loose, mineral-enriched powder designed to control oil and create an immaculate canvas.

5* Rating on Amazon

Why I Like It: Suitable for every skin type, especially the over 50 skin as it offers a really lightweight formula and delivers a natural matte finish. Does not collect or crease under the eyes. Diminishes the look of pores whilst setting makeup in place. Skin will look effortlessly perfect. The swivel-out brush is usually included (worth a quick check) The brush is ideal for sweeping away excess product for a professional finish.

Colourway – Comes in 5 shades and is more translucent than shading.

Is subtle and offers a hint of shade. Perfect for daytime especially if you are looking for the “No Makeup” make up look.

UK best price is currently with “All Beauty” and includes brush. Cost of £23.40 including Free delivery.

US Best Price is currently with Amazon at $34.50.                                                                Clinique Blended Face Powder – Transparency 4

Product Four – Laura Mercier Mineral Powder

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder, as the title suggests is a mineral powder. It is no coincidence that three of the four products I recommend are Mineral Based. This gives a smoother, lighter and beautiful finish. Laura Mercier is a delightful example of this type of mineral. Free of all parabens as you would expect.

Why I like it: Laura Mercier’s Mineral Powder is a fan-favorite for a good reason. It functions as both a pigmented finishing powder and a buildable foundation, and it’s full of healthy amino acids that clear the skin of toxins, promote a healthy complexion, and fight the ageing process.

  • Free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates
  • Dermatologist tested

Why You Will Like It: Laura’s iconic, cult-favourite setting powder now comes in a glow finish. This is another product which responds well under artificial lighting, creating a professional-looking finish and healthy glow. You can set your look with a naturally luminous finish. infused Translucent Loose Setting Powder with a custom blend of pearl pigments to lock in your look for 12-hours.

Weightless Texture:

This lightweight, innovative powder doubles the wear of the foundation without adding weight or texture.


How Long Will it Last: Thanks to the fact that it won’t settle into fine lines or cake up even after hours of wear, this wedding-worthy powder is often used by brides-to-be and they’re professional Makeup Artists.

Custom pearl blend creates a radiant finish with a touch of sheer coverage that resists settling into fine lines and pores. Keeps makeup in place for 12 hours Luminous Finish, however, you may need to reapply if you are heading out after work for the evening. Other than that you are good to go.

Colourway Comes in 3 Glow shades and will suit virtually every skin tone. Without Photo Flashback

Is one of the most highly rated products on the market and for a special day this has very little competition.

UK Best Price: Currently Feel Unique £32

US Best Price: Currently Laura Mercier’s own website $32 & $42

The brush is sold separately

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

Image From Laura Mercier’s own website

Final Thoughts

The four products provide very different coverage. Two are perfect under lights and cameras as they illuminate the skin Two are loose powders and one provides 4 in 1 coverage.

All without exception provide an outstanding finish and long-lasting once applied. All have exceptional reviews.

Depending on what you would like from your powder, Matte or illuminate, loose or fixed, will guide your choice. For my money 4-1 Pur Minerals for everyday and Laura Mercier for the big event.

I would welcome your comment and would like to thank you for reading thus far

See you soon


Founder of Hey Spring Chicken

Images are from:

Summa – Pixaby

Pür Minerals – Mineral Cosmetic website

Charlotte Tilbury


Laura Mercier

There is one affiliate links on this page, all the links are purely my recommendations and include Pür, Charlotte Tilbury, Clinique, Laura Mercier. Reviews are based on trial and personal experience.

To purchase any of the other powder products please click on the resource page 

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