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What Is Vitamin C Serum – Why is it Important

Beautiful Older Woman, Vitamin C Serum

Demand for facial Vitamin C has blown up over the last two to three years. The industry has flooded the market with Standalone Vitamin C serums, together with other active ingredients which apparently make our skin look younger, healthier, plumper and reduce the look of sun-damaged skin.

So what is “Vitamin C”? It is an active ingredient applied topically to the face usually in the form of a gel or serum. “The benefit of Facial Vitamin C is it’s an antioxidant that helps to prevent Free Radicals from forming, free radicals have a negative effect on the skin by breaking down elastin and collagen”. Continue reading “What Is Vitamin C Serum – Why is it Important”

Extra Income Ideas For Retirees and Over 50’s

Seven Sisters, Sussex Downs

Are you in your 50’s or over and are you anxious about your retirement plans? The general perception is that a person within that age range is either preparing for retirement or retired already.

This perception is because of the current way of working, where we have been encouraged for the last twenty to thirty years to place funds into Private Pension schemes and this will end with retirement through state and personal pension plans.

Normally, after retirement, (should it all have gone to plan), you have all the time to yourself. It even gets better because you never have to worry about getting up early anymore. The reality of this is far from being a relaxing chapter in your life it is more likely to be fraught with money worries and frequent questions and research about how the heck you can increase your current income. whether you are retired, soon to be retired or continuing to work because you have no choice.

Below are the categories from which you may see yourself and we can then look at solutions and show you Income Ideas for Retirees or the over 50s and those who want to retire but can’t.

Continue reading “Extra Income Ideas For Retirees and Over 50’s”

What I’ve learn’t From My First Month on YouTube!

Cordelia, YouTube set up

It’s been six weeks since I went live on my YouTube Channel, although I have been thinking about filming and creating content for the last two years, I just never had the courage to put myself out there. I thought I can’t compete with all the experienced YouTubers. So how did I go from that state of anxiety to where I am now & boy I’ve learnt a fair bit during my short journey. Continue reading “What I’ve learn’t From My First Month on YouTube!”

Review Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow-Older Skin

Cordelia, bronzer, happy, getting ready

Some women want a product that says natural, fresh and elegant and doesn’t appear overly obvious. Other women prefer to be noticed on entrance and would like to look glam and wow.

The product we will look at today falls into the former category. It is understated and can and does suit women of all ages. I shall be reviewing Charlotte Tilbury’s Bronzer, from the older women perspective and I thought it would be interesting to compare the Filmstar Bronzer to my current favourites which are “Lord And Berry Bronzer” & “Senna” Highlighter.

Continue reading “Review Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow-Older Skin”

Keto Diet for Older Women-Does It Work?

Eating Keto Diet, Knife and Fork Keto Diet, Eating Healthy Keto stule

Weight loss is always a  common topic amongst folks; women above 50 find it particularly difficult to lose extra pounds, this is often due to factors that come with ageing. Some of these factors may be due to a decline in the metabolism rate, muscle degeneration, less exercise, but mostly it is pre and post-menopause.

There is a lot of weight losing techniques available but the Ketogenic diet has gained more popularity, especially over the last few years. The Keto diet has been reported to boost weight loss and also helps with cravings, making it a very attractive form of weight loss. So the short answer Yes it does work and more especially for the older women  Continue reading “Keto Diet for Older Women-Does It Work?”

How to Deal with Incontinence – 7 Prevention Tips

Toilet Sign

As you may already know, incontinence is the accidental leakage of human faeces or urine from the body. To prevent it, you have to consistently eat a high fiber diet, drink plenty of liquids (especially water), exercise regularly, make healthy lifestyle choices, and develop good toilet habits.

Follow these tips when trying to prevent incontinence. But how would someone know if he or she has symptoms of incontinence?

In this post, I’ll walk you through different signs and symptoms that may indicate incontinence. I will also give you detailed tips that can help you prevent incontinence. Continue reading “How to Deal with Incontinence – 7 Prevention Tips”


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