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What are the Best Bikes for Women – Getting  Back In The Saddle

Has there been a significant time since last you rode on a Bike? Are you a little nervous, or are you “Gung Ho” and ready to “Rock and Roll”?  Where ever you are there is a bike for you, to keep the intimidating choice to a minimum we have looked at three categories of Bike.


* What is the Easiest Bike to Ride – Viking Belgravia

* Best Bikes for 60 year plus women – Retrospec Venus Dutch Step Through Hybrid

* What is the Most Comfortable Bike for Seniors – Raleigh Ventura Thru Comfort



You may have been recently been reading how you need to exercise as you move into your Golden Years, or perhaps you have arrived at this post because it has been recommended you need to up your exercise and how getting out on your bike may be good for both physical and mental well being. What ever reason you are reading this post, can I just say well done, I too was researching this time last year and after much trial error and reviews this was the conclusion.

There are many additional choices within these categories, together with alternative colours. I will highlight below all the choices. There are many “add-ons” and accessories which can be added to your purchase (a lot like purchasing a new car) Much of these add-ons are fluff and not necessary, however a shopping basket or better head lights maybe important to you, especially if you are shopping and or cycling in the dark or an unmarked road. I will also highlight the pros and cons of each bike which can give you additional background knowledge

1/ Easiest Bike To Ride –

Cordelia & Bike
Me & My Bike

Viking Belgravia. – No accident that it happens to be my bike of choice and the one I purchased a year ago. I have absolutely zero complaints about this bike and love getting out and about on my bike.

The design: looks like the classic Dutch Bike and is very “Jessica Fletcher – Murder she Wrote” comes in different frame sizes. I am only 5 feet tall (or 1.52 meters) and find many bikes are just too large. Not so the Viking Belgravia bike. The saddle and the Handle bar/ quill stem frame, can be adjusted; called “high rise comfort chrome handlebars”

Sizes: 16″ or 18″ 40.6 or 45cm

Wheel Size: 26″ 66cm

Colour: Latte, Red, Pink, Blue, Mint, Brown

Gear System: Shimano Six speed indexed gears with thumb shifter (micro shift)

Brakes: Front and Rear alloy V type brakes with easy reach alloy levers. (reach adjust feature)

Weight: 17.4kg 38 lb

Included in the Price: Full length mudguards, chainguard, Viking Comfort Saddle, rear pannier rack, front Basket, alloy prop/kickstand, vintage shopping basket

Why I like it: It is light and easy for me to manoeuvre, easy to ride on both flat roads and up a slight incline, looks really cool. Turns easily and in small circle, has a retro appearance which I just love. It is exceptional value and you get a lot for your money. Getting out and on my bike is never a chore.


Durable Frame – (High Tensile Steel Frame) Easy to retain balance

Dutch Bike Amsterdam
Dutch Bike – Amsterdam

Great for both town and country cycling

Exceptional Value,

Range of sizes – which mean this offers a size for petite women

Great range of colours

Easy to change speed

Good breaks

Easy to assemble 90% assembled on delivery

Easy to handle

Freewheel Mechanism (means you can coast)


Not designed for off-roading,

Is heavier than its competitors but the weight is a pro as well as a con

The shopping basket was very cheap looking, I replaced mine with a more sturdy version

2/ Best Bike for 60 Year plus – Womenretro Dutch Bike

Retrospec Venus Dutch Step Through Hybrid.- Despite the wordy name of this bike, this is a great and easy to manage Bike, if you are new to getting back in the saddle this bike will ease the journey. Why is it called a Hybrid? The answer is because it is designed for town and country cycling, meaning it is a general purpose bike.

Design: Vintage, Like the Belgravia it has a retro Dutch design this ensure ease of riding and ensures comfort for long periods.

Size: 17.3 inches – 44 cm Medium to Large Frame

Wheel Size: 29 inches – 74cm

Colour: Cream

Gear System: One speed option or Seven Speeds

Brakes: Front and Rear Caliper

Weight: 12.7kg 28lb

Included in the Price: Chainguard, prop/kickstand, bell, headlight, rear pannier, tools for assembling the bike

Why I like it: & why I feel its ideal for 60 year plus woman. Like the Belgravia design, it is perfect for someone in their “Golden Years” as the riding position is simply sit up and ride, no bending over or hunching over the handlebars. It offers a lot for your money and does’doesn’t wobble when riding slowly.


Affordable without frills

Very light,

Easy to assemble (comes 85% built)

Easy to handle

Good balance, easy to remain upright

Absorbs shocks which ensures you can cycle for longer periods

Easy to get on and off.

Cycle in the Town or In the Country

Freewheel Mechanism (means you can coast)


Not suitable for women under 5ft 4 inches as the frame and bike size are med/large

I found the saddle/seat a little uncomfortable, may wish to change the seat.

The front Light and bell are not great quality.

3/ The Most Comfortable Bike for Seniors.

Raleigh Ventura Comfort Bike – One of the most comfortable bikes on the market today. It is a no frills town bike. Visit the shops, or pop to a friend then this is the bike for you. This is a bike where all you want to do is cruise around and do nothing more strenuous than a gentle ride. It is built with comfort in mind and is by far and away the best.

Design: Unisex

Size: 15″or 19″ Inches 38cm or 48.26cm

Wheel Size: 27.5 Inches 69.85cm

Colour: Dark Grey

Gear System: Shimano Gear change, 21 gears to choose from

Brakes: Linear Pull system

Weight: 18.5kg 40.8lb

Included in the Price: Partially assembled, comfort grips and comfort saddle/seat

Why I like it & feel it qualifies as the best and most comfortable bike for the over 60 market. Because quite straightforwardly this is the most comfortable bike for anyone regardless of age. It is built with comfort in mind, this bike is a unisex bike and can therefore be ridden by both sexes. It is a no frills easy on the eye bike and one you will not be embarrassed to be seen on.




Comes in a range of sizes, even a size for the petite woman (like myself).

City Cycling
City Cycling

Padded and comfortable Saddle/Seat


Stable (no wobble at slow speeds)

Built to last

Easy to change gears

Comfortable ride, can cycle for ages with minimal discomfort.


Not good for fast or fast to medium paced cycling.

Hills are not fun

Basic Bike but good quality

Heavy to Manoeuvre

Dismantling/getting off the bike, requires a little more thought than the Dutch design, as this is a unisex rather than a step through, once mastered its easy. Basic without mudguards, chain guard or prop/kick stand.


The three bikes offer similar qualities but each with subtle differences offering an improved ride depending on your skill level. If you are new to the world of cycling take it slowly, ride on quiet roads before you venture to the big wide yonder, never has there been a better time to get on your bike.

Useful link to Harvard University “Why is Cycling Good for you”? & Top 5 Benefits

Thank you for all those who have read thus far.

I would welcome your comments on my website. Do you cycle if so what Bike do you use.

Details of where to purchase the all the Bikes can be found on my resource page >>>>Click Here For Details<<<<

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City Cycling – Jorik Kleen, provided by Unsplash

Dutch Bike in Amsterdam – Carina Baumgartner , provided by Unsplash

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